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MOODLE Plugin Ready Step by Step Explained

One of the best things that we see about open source programs is ease of accessibility. You may be wondering how codes are being used for the documentation process, discussion and many other features. Moodle as leading learning management system is perfect open source platform to discuss various subjects. For developers also, this is a perfect platform where they can explore their knowledge.

Submission of our Plugin to MOODLE

We worked on team and finally came out with bunch codes that were good enough to emerge as functionality in the shape of plugin. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect small code that can be helpful in producing the right set of punctualities, which might be difficult anyway. If you want to learn this learning management system then there is no other solution that starting from tiny codes. If you check Moodle directory then you will find that there are more than 800 plugins available for various possible functionalities.

As a developer, we are proud to have our plugin with the MOODLE directory. I still say that process with this LMS is little difficult to access when it comes to addition of new one. We often thing that all open source platforms are not well managed or there is no system for management of various aspects, if you scan MOODLE then you will find that this thing is totally wrong with this great platform. You will get amazed to know that there is a special department with this platform that is taking care of quality of products that people submit here. Their system is so much strict that even you cannot go on spam track in comments.

When we as developer entered this platform then we got a thought that we are new professionals so hard to get successful on the platform but soon we got proven wrong and got unprecedented support from the technical team. If you have been looking for the great platforms that would be keeping the things away then you might be losing something to show the things on the right way. As Moodle is an open platform so many people still think that people will support them in the process and this is very much right in our case. When we had submitted our plugin code then it has got great appreciation by many people and we got many mails in which people said that you should bring this change that change.

Of course, we have opened a thread in the forum of MOODLE and we got many replies their thanks to entire community on this LMS. If you check entire website then you will get exact idea that this is platform where bunch of informative files are available. I tried to go through those files but actually most of those were just waste and outdated so filter your results whenever you go to search files; otherwise you will get frustrated. If you are planning to enter in the MOODLE then you must get the things clear that you should be sharp enough in hypertext pre processor.

If you are new developer and want to learn things out of PHP, HTML then try MOODLE once because there is no other platform where you can do plenty of experiments and you can learn. Many times my codes have gone wrong and I asked them back many questions and got quick Reponses so everything is right with this platform and explore it at its best. These days, plenty of programs are easily available, which can be also used for the process of learning. I highly suggest that you must go through those materials from where you can learn the things properly. Go for some of YouTube Moodle Plugin videos.

Overall, if I scan then I am pretty sure that this is a perfect online platform that can give you variety of information and if you are MOODLE plugin developer then you can play a lot and sharpen your skills.

Moodle plugin development process can be tedious but at the same time it brings plenty of ease. Let me explain some of the MOOLDE plugins so that you can exact idea about some of the leading ones.

  • Activity Modules: this is mainly used for the quiz. Compatible with all version of the MOODLE.
  • Administration Finalization reports: functionality clear by name and perfect to view reports. Compatible only with versions up to MOODLE 2.1
  • Admin Guru tool: scripts are available using this tool. You will have to switch to MOODLE 2.2 or higher so as to use this plugin.
  • Authentication master: If you want to govern the things in your way then there can be no other possible way that can do it so be ready for it.
    • Assignment 2.2 types:
    • Assignment 2.3 submissions
    • Assignment 2.3 feedbacks

    Save this script wherever needed and then get you MOODLE plugin working for you. “< ?php define ( CLI_SCRIPTING', true ); require (' path/config.php' ); print_object (make_plugin_type);"

    “You can also set MOODLE mobile client using this code to get the things right. “plugin development” : [“notification”, “participants”, “add contact”, “upload”, “contents”, , “group”, “add notes”, “send message”, “forum”], ”

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