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Moodle Data Optimization

In an ongoing LMS, database becomes clogged due to old unuseful data. This clogging has its impact on the overall performance of the LMS as site resopnse slows down. This plugin has been developed in order to overcome this challenge.

Plugin Deliverables

This plugin allows deleting the unuseful data from varous tables based on your custom criteria. This data may have accumulated over a period of time and may have become unuseful, redundant or its value already recovered with no further potential.

Features of plugin

Here are a few salient features of the plugin:

Allows defining custom criteria of period for which data has to be deleted

Allows you to select the Course for which data has to be deleted

Maintains log of the data deleted for your future reference

Prompts before deleting the data

Scope of data deletion

Course activities data like Lessons, Quiz, Forum etc.

Deleted User’s enrolment data during that period.

Moodle collected Logs clearing.

Plugin Screenshots

Screenshots of few key features

Plugin Price
  • A serious effort has gone into development and testing of the plugin. The plugin has been priced competitively at USD 150 per LMS site only.
  • Just incase you have any query, you may like to email us below. If you would like to buy it right away, follow this link please.
  • Incase you have any query, please feel free to email us.
Frequently Asked Questions

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