Let's Upgrade Your MOODLE Site

For Secure, Bug-Free And Better Performing Site


A few essential plugins on your site are not giving the desired results

Some features in the release being used are not functioning properly

There are some backend security concerns & new release may strengthen security

Some new features may help boost your user experience


1. Analysis

of your current LMS for plugins, modules etc

2. Preparing

your base server for the upgraded moodle

3. Setting

up staging server for a smooth in-transit upgrade

4. Moving

your existing LMS site to the staging server

5. Perform

actual upgradation with the latest version

6. QA Review

for checking the functioning of the site

Download a free checklist for upgrading Moodle


A few salient features of latest version of moodle are:

Global Search:

Global search will let a user search everywhere on the Moodle site, even in courses they are not enrolled in. A student can search their courses for particular lecture notes, or a teacher could search for subject-related activities.

Easier Navigation

Through activities in a course: In Moodle 3.4, the user will be able to see Next and Previous buttons in an activity, which will make it easier to navigate through the course.

Drag and Drop Calendar Events

The events will be easily manageable/customizable by the ability to just drag an event from one date to another.

More Efficient User Management

The Teachers will now be able to enroll, search, filter and bulk edit or delete learners from a new single Participants and Enrolments screen.

Refined User Registration Form

A clearer site (default) registration page will encourage the users to register your site.

Prediction of Users Dropping Out

This new feature in Moodle 3.4 will determine the users who are about to drop out of a course, based on low student engagement. It will analyze which students are logging in/interacting in a course, the least.

Much Cleaner Look

The new Moodle gets a makeover by making everything laid out in a very clean and systematic manner.
The user profile link is now just a small avatar of the user, the admin panel can now be shrunk to the side etc.

Moodle Mobile App In Core

Since most of the learning is now happening through Mobile devices, so the latest Moodle will promote the usage of the mobile app for better user experience. In Moodle 3.4, there will be more hints for the users to use Moodle Mobile app, like in the footer area.

Space Indicator

In the private files section, the users will be able to see the available space they have remaining, to upload more files.

Automatic Conversion of External Content to HTTPS

If you are planning to convert to HTTPS, the HTTPS conversion tool will help you convert your embedded HTTP content to HTTPS.

Download a comprehensive list of the latest version

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