Quiz Timer Plugin

The Quiz-Timer plugin helps the Moodle LMS Admin to setup the Time for which the Question will continue to be visible to the user attempting it. A Timer will keep appearing to show the seconds left to answer. As soon as the time is over, Next question will appear.

Admin has full rights to configure the time for which question should continue to appear.

PAL InfoCom, after acquiring critical involvement with Moodle customization, has partnered with eLearningstack to foster Quiz Timer Plugin which can be put to use in Moodle and its variants like Totara, IOMAD, etc. You can go to elearningstack.com to peruse the plugin as per your business necessities.


The Plugin has been tested on 3.7 ver onwards and latest versions of browsers. The plugin follows the Moodle/Totara coding standards. No custom database table is created by the plugin, so will be upgrade friendly. The plugin has to be installed in the standard way.