With years of experienced in e-learning & Instructional designing PAL InfoCom team understands what is the exact requirement of clients. We specialize in creating interactive and effective courses.

Geometry Box Game

To create an interactive mathematical e-course game, that gives the chance to learn about the various types of triangles in a tricky and interesting way. User has to check their knowledge by dragging the correct triangle to geometry box and help superhero to rise step by step in a limited time period.
Baby Learning eCourse
To develop an e-course for parents that describes the various activities of a baby in animated form. This course is developed in two different languages (English and Chinese). Keeping in mind various baby activities the user has to complete the quiz activity at the end of the course.
Jeo- Pardy Ecourse
To develop engaging and attractive e-course that will allow users to type the words in the given blanks and the users will get indicated dollars with respect to the blanks.
Word Search Ecourse

To develop an e-course that will allow users to search the indicated words given on the left from the word search box.

Basket Ball Game e-course

To develop engaging and attractive e-course on basketball game and scores are awarded after successful completion of the game.

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