Moodle allows the LMS-Admin to keep track of users who logged in but what if the admin needs to scrutinize more information about the user, specific to a course and in a period? That is where our this report comes in handy.


Admin can see the list of users when they recently accessed the LMS along with filters of Time-Window and particular Course. This list can also be downloaded as PDF or CSV.

  • Reducing the user-based clutter: Your LMS may have a policy of un-enrolling the users if it’s been a while since they accessed their course. This report will make it easy to come with list of users specific to a course so you can take further action.
  • Sales point of view: If your certain courses are offered free of cost, this report will help you come up with a list of users who accessed such course(s). Such active users can be pushed your courses.
  • Scrutinized Data: Since multiple data will be populated in this report, the admin has option to squeeze down data based on the filter available i.e. Course based filters and Date based filters.
  • All information under one report: You will not need to jump around in different reports looking for data like last access date, viewing user profile etc. This will certainly save some time and effort to gather the data populated.
  • Extensive Pagination
  • UI Follows Your Site Theme
  • Responsive UI
  • Ability to Sort on the Nav Bar Columns
  • Minimum Page Reloads For Optimized Performance

Structure and compatability

  • Tested for its compatibility with Moodle 3.x & Totara.
  • Built as a Plugin, so upgrade friendly.
  • Follows the Moodle backend structure.
  • Free upgrades for 1 year.
  • Free Tech Support to Install & configure it.
  • Additional customization on request possible.
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