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Are you from any educational institute and looking for eLearning course design and development? PAL InfoCom is a leading company for various types of course development. Employee training using LMS has become very popular nowadays. Can you imagine, employees of a multi-national company getting trained using blackboard and duster. If you enquire with us then we will show as many projects as you need. We have strong testimonial with hundreds of successful projects. Our LMS experts are really keen to hear from you. We are also ready for free consultation so that you can develop understanding about process. Enquire now and you will get more information about whole process.

Chennai also known as Madras, and second largest city in the south India after Bangalore. This is capital of Tamil Nadu State. This city is also known as Detroit of India. Kollywood or Tamil film industry is located here. Climate of Chennai is completely different from rest of India. Marina beach is the main tourist destination in this city. In Chennai, you can find many companies here both of multinational level and small companies that operate from houses. Already many companies are using learning management system in this part of the world.

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