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Why Upgrade Moodle

Upgrading your LMS keeps your site secure and update with new features. It provides a lot of exciting new features for all users i.e. students, teachers and administrators. It will give you an extensive experience in the case of LMS speed as well as in handling and operating the LMS courses, activities etc.
Don’t get frustrated by your LMS performance. Our objective is to keep your LMS site up-to-date, secure and fast.

About Moodle

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System (LMS) which has been used by thousands of organizations across the globe to manage their training aspirations. Moodle can be configured and customized for all kind of organizations.PAL InfoCom can help you in providing various services in Moodle.

Latest Features in Moodle 3.3

MOODLE 3.3 has been released on 15th May 2017 with various new features. Our Learn Moodle participants have been learning or improving their Moodle skills and have completed activities such as quizzes, wikis, assignments and more, met and collaborated with our global community and, of course, received their completion badges and certificates.

For All Users

  • a. Better Microsoft Office Integration: Users can Log in, easily access documents from Microsoft Office and the Google G-Suite and link their accounts
  • b. Improved Dashboard: It has new features like check course progress, upcoming activities and grade-able activities from the new Course overview block. Also, now it has more font styles and emoji support.

For Teachers

  • a. Teachers can set a ‘grade by’ reminder to alert in the course overview
  • b. Teachers can specify a file type of assignment (pdf, doc etc) for students to upload
  • c. Teachers can Collapse assignment feedback comments for greater readability.
  • d. The new Moodle version has a better activity completion management
  • e. Drag & drop media and now it also has more tag areas
  • f. Stealth Activities available but not shown: An improvement on ‘orphaned sections’, links may now be made to activities which are not shown on the course page.

For Administrators

  • a. OAuth2 Authentication: Allow users to authenticate with Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office accounts and manage files from associated drives.
  • b. Document File Convertor plugins
  • c. Improved MySQL support
  • d. New ‘Stealth’ mode settings
  • e. Learning Analytics plugin

Latest Features in Moodle 3.2

MOODLE 3.2 has been released on 5th December 2016 with various new features. Moodle 3.2 combines popularity with efficiency offering enhanced options for installing plugins, four new quiz question types, tagging and course editing improvements along with a number of other welcome features.

Main Highlights of Moodle 3.2

  • a. New “Boost” Bootstrap 4 theme, usability improvements of the navigation
  • b. Easier embedding videos in audios in Atto editor with poster, subtitles and other attributes
  • c. New chart API and library

Mobile App Features

  • a. Support for offline quizzes in the Mobile app
  • b. Move mobile settings to top-level admin

Activities Features

  • a. Assignment deadline overrides for an individual or group and sort blind marked assignment by blind ID instead of userid.
  • b. In Quiz, changed the separator for matching correct answer feedback and allowed multiple answers in cloze MULTICHOICE question type
  • c. Choice: Allow teacher to make choices for students. Show choice deadline in the course calendar. When choice display is set horizontal or vertical apply it to both options and results display
  • d. Forum: Make “Mark as read on notification” a user preference and added support for automatic locking of an individual forum discussion after a period of inactivity
  • e. Other Activity Modules Improved: Lesson, Book, Folder, Workshop, Survey, SCORM Database etc.

Global Search

  • a. Add users, messages, database entries to global search
  • b. Revise admin settings/report for global search for improved usability

Other Improvements

  • a. Allow teacher to toggle to/from “user view” in the User report in the
  • b. New “password” fields that are not auto-filled by password managers
  • c.Store “End date” for each course to be used in reports and analytics
  • d. Activity chooser off/on’ option moved to user preferences
  • e. By default, non-editing teacher should not be able to access all
  • f. Add Ability to Export Calendar for user or group events
  • g. Antivirus: Implement ClamAV virus scanning using unix sockets.
  • h. Always show count of online users in the online users block

For Administrators

  • a. Return-Path should use no-reply address instead of support email
  • b. Add a Redis and APCu cache store to Moodle core
  • c. Support IPv6 in IP lookup tool
  • d. Maintenance mode should serve a http 503 instead of a 200
  • e. Antivirus clamav: Remove “Quarantine directory” settings parameter.
  • f. Add capability to allow certain users through Maintenance mode

What has changed in 2.9?

MOODLE 2.9 has been released on 18th May with various new features. Through various mediums, MOODLE users had reported to company for various problems, which they were facing. PALInfoCom is offering services for MOODLE upgrade with all features. As per official press release by Company near about 400 updates have been done this time in LMS. We are going to discuss eight prominent features that you will definitely love:
Sequence of questioning has been always a problem with this LMS. It seems they have addressed this thing as teacher can control sequence quite easily. Earlier students often use to answer without following sequence and this thing was full of hassle for teacher.
Now notification system has come for the teacher as well as students. Whenever there will be any new task to carry on, notifications will go for both users.
Now side events and side course events have been together. This is a big change in the LMS as now one can get these features together. You can select side events as per requirements in the course.
Now students can change their answer instantly after answering questions. Earlier, this provision was not there because one needs to wait till end of test to alter answers.
Easy and flexible editing options have come.
Now there is big change from security point of view. Admin can see all active session with the main account. This will not allow unauthorized people to access.
Now teachers can break questions into many small sections. Passing grade can be also easily set. There are many small upgrades, which can do a lot for people who are using MOODLE on regular base.
Discussion forum has been improvised as automatic new posts will generate. Now discussion forum will be more users integrative.
This MOODLE update has brought in various features, which we had not imagined earlier. Now onwards, Moodle 2.6 and lower versions have expired so it is must to update this LMS. Some questions, which we have answered here are:
  • Why you should update to MOODLE 2.9?
  • What are features of MOODLE 2.9?
  • Why it is Mandatory to update to MOODLE 2.9?
  • How MOODLE 2.9 can make your experience better?
Opt for Moodle 2.9 upgrade soon and experience best of learning management system.
Listed below are some of the scopes that can be done in LMS Upgrade
  • Take the backup of your existing LMS site.
  • Analyzation on the site if there is any custom code / plug-in / module
  • Upgrade the LMS in the development environment to protect your live site.
  • Doctors check up for the various compatibilities like template, plugins, custom plugins etc.
  • Addition of compatabile plug-in / modules into new LMS site if necessary.
  • Deployment to live environment.
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