Here I have listed some of the facts and figures about MOODLE.
  • MOODLE is e-Learning platform popularly known as learning management system.
  • Mainly used in educational institutions, business and government organizations.
  • is the official website
  • This LMS is created on the base of object oriented arrangement.
  • MOODLE license is also called GPL license
  • MOODLE has headquartered in Australia.
  • United States, Spain, Brazil are three top users of the MOODLE. Even Australia, which is the country from where MOODLE originated is at the tenth position in terms.
  • There is not a single Asian or African country in the list of top ten users. Most of the countries are from Europe namely Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal etc.
  • MOODLE originated from 1.4.x and now it is 2.6.x
  • Let me list out some of the widely used plug-ins for the MOODLE LMS. PoodLL Filter, Aardvark, Essential, Questionnaire, Collapsed topics, Journal, Grid Format, HotPot, Configurable reports, certificate, Progress bar, Game, Checklist, Big Blue Button, Light box gallery, Rocket, Decaf, Selected words, Recordings BN, Quick mail and many more.
  • In the month of Feb 2014, there was maximum download of the plug-ins and number count was 270000.
MOODLE’s social media influence is as below: Facebook: 25,309 (approx) Twitter: 20,000 (approx) Google Plus: 10,000 (approx) LinkedIn: 2,000 (approx)

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