Serving Captive Clients Securely

Generally access to courses in the Moodle LMS is authenticated by permission to users. However, many business organizations from Aviation, Healthcare, Financial services and several others require that courses should be accessible only to the users of their specific customer organizations. One of the secure ways to achieve this is by filtering courses based on specific IP addresses.As a default feature, Moodle permits full blocking of the users based on IP at Login stage. However, need may arise where you may like to Allow or Deny access only at Course level while allowing users to continue to Login in the system without getting offended.


PAL InfoCom Technologies has developed a Block to ALLOW OR RESTRICT access to the specific Curses to users on the basis of their IP Address. The user organization IP addresses are mapped to the courses by the LMS Super-Admin.

Salient Features

Key Business benefits
Increased Security
  • If the user is coming from a different IP, the course will not accessible leading to increased security.
No External Access
  • Using this module, course material & activities will be accessible on institution’s devices only.
  • The plugin empowers Super Admin to resrtict the access to a specific IP range if the subscription payment has not been realized at any time.
  • Extensive Pagination
  • UI Follows Your Site Theme
  • Responsive UI
  • Ability to Sort on the Nav Bar Columns
  • Minimum Page Reloads For Optimized Performance

Plugin Screenshots

Screenshots of few key features

General Features

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