Advance Browse User Plugin

This plugin, developed by PAL InfoCom, provides filtering & listing of users in your Moodle LMS and mass Emailing them. The listed users can also be saved in PDF format for your future reference.

The plugin is future-proof and dynamic as any time you add any new entitiy like cohort, group, role and others, this advance plugin will automatically detect that and show up in the plugin list.

You can select the users group and email them with dynamic Subject. You could even send an attachment in the email. The plugin will use your Moodle default mail settings. So every thing is dynamic and flexible.

Moodle Compatibility

The plugin has been tested on 2.7 ver onwards and latest versions of browsers. The plugin follows the Moodle coding standards. No custom database table is created by the plugin, so will be upgrade friendly. The plugin has to be installed in the standard way.


Salient Features

Browser users Features
  • Dynamic listing of Configured Entities
  • Values shown only if some data exists
  • Ability to View Individual user Profile
  • Ability to Print the listed user in PDF
Messaging features
  • Select the users from Listing
  • Draft Dynamic email and Message
  • Draft Dynamic Subject line
  • Attach any file to be Emailed
UI features
  • Extensive Pagination
  • UI Follows Your Site Theme
  • Ability to Sort on the Nav Bar Columns
  • Minimum Page Reloads For Optimized Performance

Plugin Screenshots

Screenshots of few key features

Commercial Features

  • Moodle/Totara Upgrade Friendly
  • Per Domain Free Licensing
  • Multi-domain Licensing Possible
  • Free Upgrades for 1 Year
  • Free Tech Support to Install It
  • Additional Customization on Request Possible
  • Discounts on multi domain license