Manage Aiken Format in MOODLE

Exploring an improvised option for the quiz MOODLE is a wonderful platform for people who are looking for the improvised version of the quiz. Various new options have been made available with every new version of the LMS. AIKEN format is most used format for the quiz today. It should be also noted that this is the most used option for the quiz creation.
  • Step 1: do this step as written below. • Write down all your questions in a word file like Microsoft word. • You must write all your questions in one straight line.
  • • New question must start with a capital letter and it must end with full stop (.) • Answers must be separated using a semicolon. MOODLE-Customization-services
  • Step 2: save your questions in .txt format in the UTF-8 format.
  • Step 3: now we will import questions to MOODLE. Steps are simple, you first need to login the website and then go to the corresponding section. This is the sequence that you will have to follow: administration blockcourse administratorQuestion bankimport your questions. Here you will have to select Aiken format from the list so that you can proceed. MOODLE-Theme-services
  • Step 4: all your questions will go to general category. Whenever you create new questions then automatically it will go the default folder. You can create a perfect hierarchy as per need of you so that you can get what you would be expecting order of questions. Perfect management of course material is extremely important because this is what required by the users. MOODLE-Theme-services
  • Step 5: you will find an option where you can drag and drop files. This is the final option before you download or upload anything.

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