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eLearning is rapidly replacing traditional style of classroom learning. Global acceptance has come for digital style learning from colleges to companies. Employee training is one of the main key that we have planned and executed over years. LMS based courses are in high demand nowadays and numerous open source free platforms are also available. We are ready to develop course in whichever platform client will suggest. Design of perfect course at affordable cost is our identity. Check our portfolio that will give you more idea about our strengths.

Kolkata was once capital of India before New Delhi. This is widely accepted as cultural capital of India and also known as City of Joy. It seems Kolkata has gone back in terms of development, Bangalore and Hyderabad have shown sharp progress. Some prominent places in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral, central business district, Howrah Bridge, city tram line, Vidyasagar Bridge etc. You can find numerous companies in and around city that are in to web and software development. Ask our experts now and they will reply you.

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