Instructional Designing Portfolio

With years of experienced in e-learning & Instructional designing PAL InfoCom team understands what is the exact requirement of clients. We specialize in creating interactive and effective courses.

We will like to share a quick glance of such projects:

Pentaho Simulation Ecourse

Developed for an Australian client through a consultant. Client details cannot be disclosed.

Client’s Requirement:

To design a practical training eCourse to train new employees on MS word using real simulation practices.

Jeo- Pardy Ecourse

To develop engaging and attractive e-course that will allow users to type the words in the given blanks and the users will get indicated dollars with respect to the blanks.

Word Search Ecourse

To develop an e-course that will allow users to search the indicated words given on the left from the word search box.

Why do you use Merijuana?

This course is designed in order to know the views about the usage of Marijuana among different people. This course designed by the Palinfocom team will help the learners to know the uses of Marijuana. It also teaches the Learners to know what impacts it can make of human health. There is also a quiz to understand the perspective of people in regards to Marijuana.

Training Terminal

This video is made for an eLearning client who has requested to create course for his user along with the course videos. This video is one of his course previews highlighting the course topics and a brief explanation.










How can we help you?

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

How can we help you?