Instructional Designing Portfolio

With years of experienced in e-learning & Instructional designing PAL InfoCom team understands what is the exact requirement of clients. We specialize in creating interactive and effective courses.

We will like to share a quick glance of such projects:

Food Allergen Allergen Identification

This e-course was developed by PAL-InfoCom for a client to provide training on the major food allergens. Learners gain knowledge about detecting and managing food allergies, interacting with co-workers and customers, and avoiding cross-contact along with a QUIZ to assess the learners knowledge. There is also a provision that learners will be brought to the course module where he/she left off if log out and then log back in.


New Product Qualification Process- PPAP

As a Learner, you will gain knowledge of the many stages and components that make up the product qualifying process. Additionally, the Learners will learn how to have the Supplier produce their PPAP and have it evaluated and authorized. Various testing methodologies are covered in this course as well. A quiz will be administered at the conclusion of the course to gauge the learners’ comprehension of the material.


Fire Extinguisher Training

This course is about different techniques and learning methods in regards with the fire and fire extinguishers. The course designed by Palinfocom will help you to learn about different types of fires, the different fire extinguishers. The methods of how to select a fire extinguisher and their use will also be taught to the Learners. At the end of the course the learners will be asked to assess themselves through online assessment task.


Transportation Management System

This course is designed by Palinfocom regarding the Management of Transportation systems. Learners will gain knowledge about why transportation systems are critical, their contribution in social and political systems, its global importance. They will also get to know the dynamic nature of global economy.


Cross Cultural Business Etiquette China

This course is designed in order to create awareness for specific particularities in china and providing guidance towards behavior and communication. The Learners through this program developed by PalinfoCom will get know the culture in business, healthcare market and at workplace and in general Living. There will be activity given in the end of the course to check the knowledge of the learners.










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How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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