7 Reasons why you cannot Ignore Moodle 2.8 Upgrade

Moodle has recently brought its 2.8.3, this is just a minor release of the main version. Till now, Moodle has got enough time to review things or their performance overall. This is an learning management system that has influenced various sectors namely health care, educational institutions etc. Now the time has come when you will get some more features additionally to the 2.8. This upgraded version has brought extra Moodle plugins to work for various features. Various companies have already opted for Moodle upgrade, if you have not yet updated then it’s the right time. With this upgraded version, you as user will enjoy certain features, which were not available earlier. From forum to analytics, various features have been brought in this upgraded version, it seems like everything is right with this version as feedbacks are also great. Now below, I have listed some of the features that will help you to understand things better than earlier:
  1. Usability: various great features are available with this new update of the Moodle 2.8 so that you can change your user perception. Now there is an option that will automatically save text so there is nothing to worry in case of sudden power loss. Now you can customize the navigation menu as per requirement of you. It should be noted that earlier it was a hectic job to go to the right option now this problem has gone.
  2. Rating and review options have gone extra strong as you can now rate whatever you do in the website. If you want to store any private file then there is an option in which you can make your files private. It is better to opt for this option to save your private files at one store and other files at some other place.
  3. Grade copy is available now: this is an option that can do the trick for you. Now grade book is enriched with the various plugins. In few simple steps, now you can edit the grades because earlier there was no flexibility here. This single view mode is a feature to facilitate teachers rather than students. For teacher one new feature is available through, which you can store history of grades that you had given to students.
  4. Better analytics reporting than earlier: if you want to keep track on all the proceedings then now we have better option than earlier. Now you can opt for the notification through the analytics. Your analytics is going to be extra rich by the various features inside.
  5. Discussion forum option has been improvised: it has been recently revealed by the Moodle that they are getting high number of mails and they can’t reply to all mails. Now you can also reply through the mail in the forum thread so there is no need to go to any particular link.
  6. Quiz: this is not a new option as there have been new features with the quiz. Now, one can easily start the quiz option so that things can proceed in the right direction. Now you can schedule the meeting with the members who are looking to discuss anything on the subject of Moodle. Quiz thing has been further improvised so that users can enjoy all features.
  7. Central control: now there is an option in which you can control the things centrally, there is no need to migrate to admin or manager account. This feature of the Moodle 2.8 has been extremely popular and widely accepted.
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