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What You will get If You Opt for the Moodle 2.8 Upgrade?

After plenty of efforts by the MOODLE scientists, they have brought the upgraded versions 2.8.3. You will get amazed to know that there are many fine things, which have been improvised in the latest version. You will get the things right with the improvisation of the various factors inside. There have been more than 200 things, which have been improvised in this upgraded version of the Moodle. Don’t you get anxious as we are not going to read this article very long, we will explain some of the basic things only?   Let me take you through some of the major changes, which MOODLE has seen this time:  
  • Grade system has been improvised various options like grade admin, grade report, grade history, outcomes report, overview report, user reports, set up, import, export, letters, outcomes, scales, course administrations, switch role to, profile setting, site administration.
  • As user menu has been changed: there are many strong features which have been brought. You will now see three options “my home”, “my profile”, “log out”. You name will flash on the left side. You can now easily access various new features by navigating to website options.
  • User review: this is one of the great options because earlier we had seen that forum was highly stuffed with the various spam. Over the years, many new technologies have come and there have been many improvements which have been brought. In the upgraded version, you will get two options, rate and like. This will help to new members in the website.
  • Better Email: earlier there was a problem with the storage as people were always worried about the storage privacy and security. Now you can mail to yourself by using this feature. This is a perfect option for people who want to save files in their own storage system.
  • Now forum has been better than earlier. You can now set the privacy feature through which you will get emails whichever you want to have. There is no restriction of getting all the notification whenever anyone replies to your mail. With the systematic option of the various small aspects, you can get the things right with the forum option. New option has been brought in which, you can also reply with the attachments.