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Moodle Plugin Development

A Moodle code is a small code/program which you can integrate with your Moodle site to achieve some specific functionality. There are a number of Moodle plugins available in Moodle plugin directory which one can easily download and install. For example, for video conferencing there are number of Moodle plugins available like GoToMeeting, WebEx etc and for online payments the payment gateway plugins are available like PayPal etc.

PAL InfoCom after gaining significant experience in Moodle plugin customization and identifying customer needs, has developed some useful Plugins which can be used in Moodle and its variants like Totara, IOMAD etc. Also if you need us to build plugin from scratch, hire our Moodle Plugin Developer.

Browse User Plugin:

This FREE Moodle plugin development by PAL InfoCom, provides easy and convenient filtering & listing of users in your Moodle, Totara and other moodle based LMS systems. The listed users can also be saved in PDF format for your future reference.

The key features of this plugin are:
  • Dynamic Listing of Configured Entities
  • Sort the User List on the Basis of Cohort, Role, Group etc.
  • Ability to View / Search an Individual User Profile by their Username.
  • Ability to Print the Listed User in PDF
  • Responsive UI
  • Ability to Sort on the Nav Bar Columns
  • Minimum Page Reloads For Optimized Performance
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Moodle Plugins Developed by Us:

Advance Browse User Plugin:

This plugin has all the features of Browse User Plugin and few additional Messaging features as well.

Key Features:
  • Select the Users from Listing
  • Draft Dynamic Email and Message
  • Draft Dynamic Subject Line
  • Attach any File to be Emailed
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Moodle Course IP Filter:

This is one of the Best Moodle Plugins developed by PAL InfoCom. This Moodle Block plugin ALLOWS OR RESTRICTS access to the specific Courses to users on the basis of their IP Address. The user/organization IP addresses are mapped to the courses by the LMS Super Admin.

The key features offered by this plugin are:
  • Admin can manage (add, update or delete) the course-wise IP address range of those organization only to which access to the course is to be given.
  • Admin can Control Allow or Deny access based on business rules.
  • Admin can View the IP based and Course based Access rules.
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How We Can Help You

PAL InfoCom can help you in following ways to deliver you your required plugin:

Install / Configure any of Our custom plugin or from Moodle Plugin Directory

Need consultation or support on plugins

Customize any existing Moodle plugin as per your requirement

Develop a custom plugin from scratch as per your requirement

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You guys did a fantastic job creating and editing ecourses files for us. The work was completed properly, quickly, and correctly. I would recommend PAL InfoCom for any ecourse work.

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Arvin and her team are problem solvers. They showed me the pros and cons of my original scope of work, then allowed me to choose the best path forward from a number of options they clearly laid out. I will certainly be working with Arvin again in the future!

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