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Plugins of Moodle, Which have been Extremely Popular Last Year

We all know it better that plugins are integral part of the Moodle LMS. Not only Moodle but all development environments are highly dependent on the plugins. This article will let you know to access the importance of plugins in the process of the learning management system. We have written many articles regarding the plugins so you can surf our main page for more information Go through the list which we have brought for you:
  1. Essentials: you would get amazed to know that there are more than 200,000 download. Using this plugin, one can easily arrange the various components on the page of website. This plug-in provides complete responsive feature so users’ have always got great user experience with this one.
  2. Hotspot: this is a quiz management tool that is used for the creation of new quiz and its management. Teachers can simply create quiz and let the things go to new height. Various features have been added to this option so that one can get the things right with the quiz management. Overall, we see one thing that there are many fine aspects that people often get confused this plugin with the other one that is HOTPOT so difference should be understood; otherwise you may get on the other track.
  3. Certificate: this plugin has more than 80,000 downloads. As clear by the name this plugin is used for the creation of effective certificates. You can customize the things efficiently so that there should come perfect feel with the certificate that you are going to give students of you. There are many customization options so in the beginning you may have to struggle but later things will go right for you.
  4. Questionnaire: this is a great option to manage your questions because there are many quizzes, which are quite easily available and can be done. You can manage questions and its various short and long answers. More than 100,000 download.
  5. Configuration reports: without any knowledge of database you can store data regarding to your courses. More than 80,000 downloads have taken place so this is a perfect option.
  6. Grid Plugin: this is an extremely popular plugin because you enjoy various features that you would be looking to have. Through this plugin, you enjoy special type of display that is extremely beneficial for people who are looking for the easy navigations.
  7. Aardvark plugin: using this plugin, you will be able to create website with maximum possible visuals like pics, videos etc. Over the years, many similar plugins have come but this one is really unique and creates things that you would not have imagined.
  8. Collapsed visuals: this is an extremely essential plugin because it helps in course management. Suppose you login inside Moodle and you see plenty of courses then you will get confuse. Through this plugin, you can make the things perfect.
  9. Progress bars: this is a plugin that is used to track the progress of timing in the allotted course. Students can set the time of the course easily using this plugin. Not only students, teachers can also set their things.
  10. Quickmail: this is a perfect option for people who are messed with the mailing system. You can easily save draft, sent and other features of mailing. Opt for this plugin and enjoy easy mailing. More than 60,000 downloads have already taken place.