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Can Moodle 2.8 do these Eight Things?

In today’s internet world, plenty of things are still not addressed as there have been many things which are still to be reached. LMS is also such a theme where peoples’ expectation is pretty high and all learning management system available is not helpful enough to give you results. here we have collected some of the basic questions and later you can relate those questions with the most popular LMS that is Moodle 2.8.  
  • Is there an option for personalized learning? Different students have different requirements so this thing should be always kept in mind because this is crucial. Diversity is an important part in the learning and this thing should be understood at this point. Various small things in the study should be personalized as per the requirements of students. Fortunately for the learners, this feature is available with the Moodle so upgrade to the latest version and enjoy.
  • How much control teachers have? This thing is also extremely crucial because there are many fine things that are needed to be addressed. Inspire of segmental access, teacher should have complete access because he/she needs to manufacture all the things which are extremely vital for a learner to grab.
  • What about integration with other popular products? You would be better aware that there are many quality products which are known to the people who are going to get the things right. There are many services like Google’s docs and other which are extremely vital when it comes to the support to the students.
  • Is there chatting option available with the platform? This is an option that provides an ease to the people who are concerned with the website. Eventually, this is the ease of users that matters. It should be noted that people often get frustrated when they opt for an LMS that is not good enough to opt for. Over the years many features have come and things are still under further betterment. Moodle 2.8 has this feature so here the most popular LMS has edge.
  • What about the customization options available? This is also vital for students as well as teacher to get the things right with the customization because everyone has own requirements. Customization is especially needed if you have some course to manage with. In the last few years, many LMS has brought course customization options and now this thing has gone extremely popular.
  • Is your LMS available globally? This is an extremely critical thing because people often get this problem that their LMS is not working globally. There are many LMS, which are active mainly in any particular region so you should have a check on this factor before opting for your LMS.